People have often asked us,

“What is APEX?”

We could explain that APEX Business-IT Global Case Challenge is an internationally-recognised case competition, in which top university undergraduates compete to arrive at IT solutions that alleviate business problems.
Each year, we find the most intriguing and relevant IT trend to work on, such as analytics, cloud computing, and most recently – sustainable supply chain.
We pride ourselves on writing original, challenging cases, and is even prouder to be rewarded with high-quality solution proposals and ideas from some of the brightest minds in the world.

But that wouldn’t be enough, would it?


Or perhaps we could refer them to the navigation bars above to see different facets of what APEX is all about, with pictures and event descriptions to outline what we do in the five days.


The Welcome Dinners,
Where we see the flavour of teams through their team introductions: magic tricks, mini-performances, and my personal favourite – a selfie with the audience.
The Thematic Workshop,
Where we introduce the theme of the competition via a panelist discussion with industry experts and their insights are fascinating.



Or perhaps our finale event, the Gala Dinner,
Where everyone dresses up in their best, smiling wide for the cameras,
A little wistful, knowing that the day for farewells had arrived,
But thankful for everything that had happened over the course of the event.


Or maybe a video would do the trick?

As the sixth edition of the annual APEX Business-IT Global Case Challenge drew to a close on 8th May 2014, a video montage created by the Marketing Team captured all the beautiful moments of APEX Biz-IT 2014.

There’s no greater joy than seeing pictures and videos of what had happened, when your mind replays the wonderful memories – and you smile, because you’d been there – you’d been part of this family.


But there’s one more thing about APEX you should know.

Each year, teams arrive from all over the world, carrying their own school identity with them. Unfamiliar faces accompanied by warm smiles, not knowing what is to come in the next 5 days.

But each year, there’s one thing that doesn’t change.
When our event concludes, and our participants begin to leave,
There’s a new realisation about what we are - and always will be:

We are no longer divided by nationality or roles within the competition.
We are no longer held back by unfamiliarity or uncertainty of what’s to come.
We are no longer strangers.

We are friends, bonded by shared passions and goals.
The farewells that come are accompanied by the gratitude that at some point in our lives, our paths have crossed – and that we are all here together.
And the knowledge that come what may – we’re all part of the big APEX family.


“What is APEX?”, you might ask.

Well, why don’t you come and find out? :)


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