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What's New In APEX Business-IT 2016

A Brand New Case Theme

In partnering with SMU’s Case Writing Initiative, our APEX Business-IT cases are written specifically for the competition – tuned and designed intentionally each year for each team to deliberate over 24 hours before the submission of deliverables.

New And Improved Lightning Round

In APEX Business-IT 2015, we introduced the Lightning Round which provides an alternative path for other teams to make a pitch to enter the final round. To further enhance the competitiveness of our competition, we will be adding a new twist in the Lightning round in 2016. Stay tuned!

A Fresh Perspective On The Plate Competition

Introduced in APEX Business-IT 2014, the Plate Competition provides the opportunity for teams to showcase their creativity in selling one best idea from their solutions. To further increase the challenge and stimulate teams’ creativity and critical thinking skills, we will be bringing back a newer and better version of the Plate Competition in APEX Business-IT 2016!

What We Offer

For Students

Once in a lifetime experience
APEX Business-IT provides you with the opportunity to take part in one of the most prestigious Business-IT Case Competition in the world. By offering you great exposure to real-life business problems, we bring you the best experience to apply your critical thinking skills into these real-life business scenarios. At the same time, you stand a chance to represent your school to win a place in our internationally-recognised case competition!

For University

Recognition on an international platform
Our well-rounded competition puts your students through various exciting rounds, all of which will challenge them mentally, stimulating them to explore new avenues of the Business-IT world. This real-life experience allows your students to represent your school, earning recognition from a panel of industrial professionals and judges. The winning school will also be announced on our website and media publications, hence offering your school an opportunity to expand your international presence and be featured in the global community.

For Coaches

Connect to a network of bright minds
APEX Business-IT is one of the best platforms for coaches representing their respective universities to connect with one another as well as our distinguished industry leaders, judges, panelists and case writer. Through this experience, coaches will be able to exchange their views and knowledge skillsets, thereby gaining deep, valuable insights from one another.

Memorable 2015

Here is a look back at the memorable moments of APEX Business-IT 2015 captured in a video montage.

Countdown to APEX Business-IT 2016!

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