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According to McKinsey & Company, healthcare is now the world’s largest industry — with a value and cost three times greater than the banking sector.* Faced with constant pressure to improve service standards and lower costs, medical professionals are increasingly shifting from a traditional service delivery model to one that focuses on improving health outcomes at the population level, often through programs delivered outside of traditional settings such as hospitals and clinics.

With limited resources at their disposal and an array of challenges due to social, economic and demographic forces, how can the healthcare industry apply the principles of population health to improve health outcomes and well-being? What role can IT play in this important industry transformation?

* Source: http://www.mckinsey.com/client_service/healthcare_systems_and_services

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Global Teams

Held in a premier university in Asia, APEX attracts participants from all over the world to a dynamic showcase!

Thematic Workshop

Where we introduce the theme of the competition via a panelist discussion with industry experts and their insights are fascinating.

Lightning Rounds

A new competition segment! Three minutes is all you have to stand out to the judges.

Welcome Dinner

Where we see the flavour of teams through their team introductions: magic tricks, mini-performances, and my personal favourite – a selfie with the audience.

Memorable 2014

Here is a look back at the memorable moments of APEX Business-IT 2014 captured in a video montage.

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