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Competition Details (2016)

Competition Details

APEX Business-IT Global Case Challenge 2016 is a 4-day Business-IT case competition held from 3rd to 6th May. The 2016 edition features a total of 6 unique and challenging rounds that requires the participants to make use of their critical thinking skills to solve real-life business problems.

Preliminary Round

After the 24 hours lockdown, teams will be given a time limit to present their set of solutions based on the assigned case to a panelist of judges, followed by a Q&A segment. Teams will proceed on to either the Semifinal Round or Wildcard Round based on their performance.

Semifinal Round

The winners of the Preliminary Round shall be competing in this round. Teams are expected to present their solutions to a panelist of judges. Judges are allowed to stop the presentation anytime to ask the presenting team questions.

Wildcard Round

Non-winning teams of Preliminary Round will enter the Wildcard Round. Teams will be engaged in an interactive presentation alongside their posters to different groups of judges.

Lightning Round

The winning teams of Wildcard Round and the non-winning teams of Semifinal Round will proceed onto this round. Lightning round is a quickfire round that will determine the best teams to make it to the Grand Finals.

Plate Competition

The non-winners of both the Wildcard and Lightning Round will be competing in the Plate Competition. This round challenges teams to put themselves into a design-thinking prototype mode by creating possible prototypes of certain aspect of their solutions. They are to explain, demonstrate, and pitch their prototypes to different groups of judges.

Grand Finals

The winning teams of Semifinal Round and Lightning Round shall enter the Grand Finals. Teams are given a time limit for their final presentation. They are expected to answer the various questions posed by the panel of judges.

Competition Flow

Note: Competition flow may be subjected to changes.