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FAQ (2016)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last updated: 2nd April 2016

Yes, you may proceed on registering for APEX Business-IT Global Case Challenge 2016 without a finalized team information. Once your team has been finalized, kindly notify us on your team's information using our RegOnline Portal (https://www.regonline.com/apex2016). Do remember your login particulars on your initial registration with us in order for you to update your registration with the team details. Note that payment is to be made during your initial registration with us.
Teams will be staying at Swissôtel The Stamford Singapore. It is mandatory for all participants to stay at the official competition hotel throughout the duration of the event. You may find more details about the hotel here.
There are currently no limit to the amount of observers each team can send to APEX Business-IT. Each observer must sign up via our registration link, stating the university they are representing.
APEX Business-IT Global Case Challenge is only open for undergraduate students, who are in their third or fourth year of studies.
Kindly drop us an email (apex@smu.edu.sg) with your preferred choice of payment method and we will kindly arrange a separate payment for your university. Do note that any payment methods other than Paypal are subjected to our school's Finance department review.
Writing materials will be provided for all teams during the 24-hour lockdown period.
The release of results for each round varies. Participants will be informed about the program schedule only during the event.
The organizing committee takes discretion in making the decision, depending on the severity of technical failure.
Participants are strictly prohibited to observe the presentation of the other teams. However, in the Grand Finals, teams that did not make it to finals or that have already presented are allowed to watch the other team’s presentation.
Participants are strictly prohibited to use their electronic devices while waiting for their turns to present.
Previous participants are allowed to join APEX Business-IT 2016 as long as they meet the eligibility conditions.
Details on APEX Business-IT 2016 will be released in phases as we are still in the midst of working with external organisations. We will release any relevant information in the earliest time possible.
Participants are not allowed to interact with the judges at all times, unless scheduled by the organising committee.
During the competition, all questions will be answered as soon as possible via the live feed application.
Questions will be answered within 3-5 working days for any general enquiries via email.

a) We will not entertain any case related questions before the start of competition. However, participants are welcomed to ask questions related to the structure of the competition. Should you have such questions, please email them to Pearline (pearlinemv.2013@smu.edu.sg) or Rhea (rhea.arora.2014@smu.edu.sg).

b) During the competition, participants are allowed to ask questions through a live feed application. Participants will get more information on the use of live feed application during the competition briefing.

More questions will be released as the competition date draws nearer.