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Rules and Regulations (2016)

Last Updated: 03 May 2016

The following rules have been created by the Organising Committee for the APEX Business-IT Global Case Challenge under the guidance of faculty from the SMU School of Information Systems. We expect all participants to adhere to them strictly to ensure a fair and enjoyable competition.

The Organising Committee reserves the right to amend these rules for the purpose of clarification and or to address unforeseen situations. To ask a question or request clarification, please email the Organising Committee at apex@smu.edu.sg.

To ensure that all teams receive the same information in a timely way, any questions resulting in substantial clarification and/or changes to the rules stated below will be answered on the QnA page in the Live Feed App. During the competition week, the availability of new or updated information will also be announced via the Live Feed App as well. The Live Feed App will be introduced to all participants on Day 1 (3rd May 2016) during the Competition Briefing.

Please note that the Organising Committee has final authority in all matters related to the interpretation and enforcement of the competition rules. Violation of these rules by any participant (including coaches and observers) may result in disqualification of the entire team.

Case Deliberation

  1. Case deliberation will take place during a 24-hour Lockdown period, beginning on the morning of Day 2 (4th May). The exact timing of the Lockdown period will depend on the team’s Preliminary Round presentation time, which will be determined during the seeding process. Team seeding will take place during the Competition Briefing on Day 1.
  2. During the Lockdown period, teams are expected to deliberate in their hotel rooms. Neither physical nor electronic communication is allowed with anyone other than the team members themselves. Team coaches and observers are strictly not allowed to interact with the team during the deliberation period. Team members may leave their rooms for short breaks, but must remain within the hotel building.
  3. Teams may access password-protected websites (e.g., library gateways) to retrieve reference materials.
  4. Participants are prohibited to access social networking websites, emails, and sites with instant messaging functionalities.
  5. The Organising Committee reserves the rights to enforce points 2, 3 and 4 by conducting room spot checks during the deliberation period.

Submission of Deliverables

  1. At the end of the Lockdown period, each team will submit a set of deliverables through the application. Three deliverables are required: (a) presentation slides for the Preliminary Round, (b) presentation slides for the Semifinal Round, and (c) a poster for the Wildcard Round.
  2. Presentation slides are strongly encouraged to be in 4:3 resolution and teams may format their presentation slides in any way they wish. A Microsoft PowerPoint template will be provided for the poster. All deliverables must be submitted in PDF or PowerPoint format.
  3. Teams are to submit all deliverables via the Submission App and thumb drive. The last edited timing of all the submitted materials on the thumb drive must be before the end of the 24-hour lockdown. Teams are to bring along the thumb drive when reporting for their Preliminary Round presentation.
  4. Further instructions on the content of the deliverables will be provided in a set of instructions that accompany the competition case.

Competition Events

  1. Presentations must be delivered in English.
  2. Presentation timings must be strictly adhered to.
  3. Presentations will be made using Windows-based notebook PCs provided by the Singapore Management University (SMU).
  4. It is the team’s responsibility to ensure that their slides will be displayed properly during presentation. Extra time will not be given if delays occur due to technical issues.
  5. Participants must identify themselves using fictitious team names (with no resemblance to their university’s name or location) and ensure that their university’s name or location is not divulged, verbally or in written form, at any time when judges are present. During these times, team members are not allowed to wear any badges, insignia or lanyards that might inform the judges of their university’s name or location.
  6. In the event that point 5 is not adhered to, teams will be disqualified.

Preliminary Round

  1. Presentation slides for the Preliminary Round must be submitted by the end of the Lockdown period on Day 3.
  2. Each team will be given 10 minutes of uninterrupted presentation time, followed by 5 minutes to address questions from the judges.
  3. The presentation venue will be equipped with two projector screens with a “freeze-frame” capability and Whiteboards. Teams will be briefed on the use of IT systems during Day 1.

Wildcard Round

  1. A poster for the Wildcard Round will be submitted at the end of the Lockdown period on Day 3 (as noted above). This poster will be printed by the Organising Committee and brought to the Wildcard Round venue.
  2. Each team will be given 7 minutes to present their ideas to the judges, who are allowed to interact freely with the team during this time.
  3. Teams are allowed to use only their printed poster as presentation material. All team members are required to stand by their allocated poster stands until the end of the competition round.

Semifinal Round

  1. Presentation slides for the Semifinal Round will be submitted at the end of the Lockdown period on Day 3 (as noted above).
  2. Each team will be given 15 minutes of presentation time. Judges will be allowed to interrupt at any point during the presentation to ask questions.
  3. Judges are allowed to raise questions during the presentation.
  4. As in the Preliminary Round, teams are permitted to use both projector screens as well as the whiteboards for their presentations.

Lightning Round

  1. The poster which was used in wildcard round will be projected on a portable screen
  2. Each team will be given 5 minutes of presentation time.
  3. There will be no question and answer for this segment.

Plate Competition

  1. Teams will be required to create an “exhibition-style booth” for the purpose of their presentation.
  2. Teams will be provided with a poster stand, a table and two chairs during the plate competition. Teams may also bring back their printed posters and utilize/modify it for their booths.
  3. There will be no lockdown period for Plate Competition teams and each team will be refunded a maximum of S$20 for purchasing their booth materials.
  4. There will be no strict timing imposed onto the judges for each team’s presentation + Q&A session.

Grand Finals

  1. Finalist teams will undergo a second Lockdown period starting on the evening of Day 3, subject to the same rules as the Day 3 case deliberation. The final deliverable will be a revised set of presentation slides to be submitted by the end of lockdown period.
  2. Each team will be given 12 minutes of uninterrupted presentation time, followed by 8 minutes of questions and answers session.
  3. Grand Finalists will be given a tour of the presentation venue before their presentation.