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About APEX Business-IT

About Us

APEX Business-IT Global Case Challenge is an annual case competition that highlights the intertwined nature of business and IT. This challenge is hosted and supported by the School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University (SMU). The organising committee comprises undergraduate students from various schools across SMU, reflecting the highly interdisciplinary nature of the competition.

Since its inception in 2009, APEX Business-IT has risen to achieve the status as a premier global case competition with a holistic experience offered throughout the four-day event. In APEX Business-IT, we pride ourselves on giving you the opportunity to:


Design Performance-Enhancing, IT-Enabled Solutions for Strategic Business Problems
Every year, we craft an original case inspired by emerging trends in business and IT.
The case challenges participants to design a solution to enhance an organisation’s performance despite its current circumstances.


Transform Business via Transitions Over Time to an Improved State of Performance
Teams are expected to propose a solution design and implementation strategy that is feasible, economical and compatible with the case company’s business and competitive needs. Teams are also required to conduct risk analysis for the solution they propose.


Get Connected to a Strong and Diverse Network of Industry Leaders
Industry partners play vital roles in APEX Business-IT, including collaborating on the development of the case, serving as judges, being panelists for the Thematic Workshop, and interacting with our participants.