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AceTech is an annual local case competition that highlights the intertwined nature of business and IT. In its inaugural year, the event was held from the 4th to 5th of October 2015. The case competition was organised by undergraduate students from various faculties across the Singapore Management University (SMU) with support from its School of Information Systems (SIS).

Case Theme

The case given included themes such as the role of software in educating trainees in emergency medical services (EMS), as well as a software provider’s first foray into the nursing industry. In line with AceTech’s focus on both business and information technology, the teams were also required to weigh the costs and benefits of such a move, eventually presenting a solution that would be most viable for the company to take.

Competition Details

AceTech 2015 featured 5 teams of undergraduate students from Singapore Management University (SMU). The teams, each consisting of 3 students, went through a lockdown of 24 hours, which they used to enhance their solutions for the given case before facing off in both the preliminary and the final rounds.

Case Lockdown

After receiving the case, all teams underwent a lockdown for 24 hours to work on their solutions.

Preliminary Round

Each team was given 15 minutes of uninterrupted presentation time, followed by 5 minutes to address questions from the judges.

Final Round

Each team was given 20 minutes of presentation time, in which judges were allowed to interrupt to inquire further about the team’s solution.

Award Winners


Zenith Consulting

Kim Arvin Galutera Evangelista

Joel Arulappan John

Wong Qi Wen

1st Runner-up

AJA Consulting

Lee Bing Quan Jonathan

Soo Chin Weng Amos

Lim Wei Jie Aaron

2nd Runner-up

Team ZES

Zam Sian Nem

Eric Cheng Li Yang

Kyi Lai Lai Shoon