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Dean’s Message

Message From Our Dean

Greetings and welcome to the APEX Business-IT Global Case Challenge 2016. This will be our 8th global case competition. Over all these years, our APEX Business-IT competition has established itself as a globally recognised, premium brand for IT and Information Systems oriented global case competition for undergraduate students.

The competition provides several outstanding features that clearly define the APEX Business-IT experience.  These include:

“Live”, State-Of-The-Art Cases

Each year, our ‘live cases’ are based on important emerging trends in the economy that intersect with the world of infocomm applications. Our case scenarios are always original. They are always interesting and relevant from business, social, and technology perspectives.  In addition, there is always an element of surprise in our case content and competition framework to further enhance real world challenges.

Deep Connection with Leading External Organisations

The external professional community plays a significant role in our APEX Business-IT case challenge. We co-create each year’s case with an external partner. A strong and diverse network of professionals and executives from the private sector, public sector and people sector serve as our judges. External organisations are actively involved in our Thematic Workshop, which is held prior to the case competition.

Business-IT Integration

Our school is renowned for its strength in integrating IT and business. We incorporate this experience and know-how into the core of the competition.  Through each year’s new and original APEX Business-IT case, the related competition workshops, and the competition format itself, participants get deep into the intricate interdependencies of bringing together business needs with innovative IT solutions. Our Thematic Workshop also provides participating students with an in-depth opportunity to interact with experts and leaders on new infocomm applications and their usage in business and
social settings.

A Fun and Useful Learning Journey

The competition is specially designed to promote a collaborative learning experience for all participants. Every year, we seek more opportunities for participants to interact with one another, and with our external professionals and executives. We also strive to help our student participants in their professional development through these interactions with influential industry people.

We invite you to join us in our 2016 edition of APEX Business-IT Global Case Challenge!

Steven Miller
Vice Provost (Research) and Dean, School of Information Systems
Singapore Management University