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Partnership Overview

Partnership With APEX Business-IT

Prestigious sponsors from the industry offer us their strong and generous support, making APEX Business-IT into a unique event that deserves its reputation for excellence. Here are some of the reasons why your company should be part of APEX Business-IT:

  • Be positioned in an educational context with internationalization as a focus

    To have a partnership opportunity with SMU and become acquainted with other universities for future collaborations

  • Access to the brightest individuals

    Interact with fresh minds from different courses, universities & nationalities and to gain access to an eclectic talent pool

  • Enhance your global brand recognition

    Be exposed globally through APEX Business-IT’s various marketing channels and gain merit as a good corporate citizen and positive publicity

  • A unique & meaningful experience

    Be in the spotlight of the premier Business-IT case competition in Asia Pacific.

  • Interact and network with other corporate leaders

    Be able to network with other sponsors and judges from private and public sector

We are contactable at apex@smu.edu.sg for potential collaboration.

Past Case Partners

Selected Past Competition Partners